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Quartz is a man-made product from 93% quartz (one of the hardest natural substances), and 7% resin binders and pigments. It has a more consistent appearance than natural stone and the quality and appearance is identical in every slab. It is used for almost any applications.

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Granite is often used in high end applications because of its beauty and elegance. It is 100% natural and therefore its imperfections are what make it so unique. Granite is an ideal material for applications such as kitchen countertops, table tops outside decks, barbeque surrounds and bar tops.”

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Marble has the ability to resist heat and scratches, but is more porous than granite and not as strong. Despite this, marble comes in stunning colours and patterns. Marble is more suitable for applications such as washroom vanity tops, jacuzzi surrounds, shelves, and fireplace mantels.”

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Now available in slabs as large as 63” x 127” you can have the marble look you always wanted without the imperfections that come with natural stone and without the maintenance that marble requires. Porcelain slabs are ideal for full height fireplace wall, shower walls, and kitchen backsplash.

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